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The Machado Seaside Quad is Rob's first signature FCSII fin template designed specifically for his Firewire Seaside model. This small keel with rear stabilizer is proving itself to be a firm favorite on a variety of small wave weapons. With the flow of a traditional keel combined with the extra control of a performance quad.

Side Fins
Base: 4.72" (119.9mm)
Depth: 4.78" (121.4mm)
Area: 20.98" (13538mm)
Sweep Deg: 38.5
Foil: FLAT
Quad Trailers/Rears
Base: 3.38" (85.7mm)
Depth: 3.06" (77.6mm)
Area: 9.73" (6276mm)
Sweep Deg: 38.6
Foil: Flat