How many boards are available?

We have a collection of over 100 boards which you can browse though and select. We stock all the major brands and try to make sure that the latest models are added as soon as they are released. Availability of each board is clearly visible online, so you can see what is available when and book easily. We are constantly adding to the collection too - give us a follow on instagram to keep up to date with all the new arrivals. 

How long can I take a board for?

We have a maximum of 7 consecutive days per board for our Hire & Demo options. We allow you to take 1 board* per person at a time. 

What if I damage what I've hired?

If a surfboard is damaged while under your care we will assess it once returned and you will be charged for the cost of repair. If a Surfboard is broken or damaged beyond repair, your $195 deposit will not be refunded and you will be liable for further costs for the replacement of the board as outlined in Refresh Your Stick's terms and conditions of use.

What if I return a board late?

If you are late returning a board you will be charged a late return fee.

Can I take the board overseas?

Unfortunately not - all Refresh Your Stick Surfboards are for use within Australia only.

What if the board is stolen while I'm borrowing it?

If a board is stolen while under your care - you are responsible for appropriately reporting the incident to the Police and your $195 deposit will not be refunded. As outlined in the terms and conditions, you will also be subject to further charges up to $850 for the full replacement cost of the board and/or fins and other equipment hired from Refresh Your Stick.

Do I need to bring my own fins, leash, wax or bag?

No! Refresh Your Stick supplies each board with a set of basic plastic fins (in either FCSII or Futures) or you can upgrade to premium fins during the checkout process. You can, of course, elect to use your own set of favorite fins. All boards are waxed and ready to go with a legrope and a 5mm padded day use cover from one of our hardware partners. All you need to bring is a good forecast! 

How long does it take to receive my refunded deposits?

Once we have checked the board over we will initiate the refund process straight away. All transactions are run through a third party - Stripe - and as such refund time frames may differ but generally you should receive your refund within 3-5 working days

Do I require a valid I.D. to hire from Refresh Your Stick?

Yes, you are required to provide a valid Drivers License or Passport number during the online booking process. You will also be required to present this same ID to staff at the pick-up point. If you are under 18 and do not possess valid ID, you will need a parent or guardian to provide their ID. Unfortunately we have to be strict on this requirement - no ID, no hire!