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The WCT is one of the more upright fins in the Futures range. Designed with peaky beach breaks in mind this pivoty fin is very conducive to quick direction changes and a top to bottom, vertical approach. The trailing fin of this thruster set is also slightly smaller in area – making the side fins a little more dominant, adding a touch of extra release off the top. In a similar vane to the FCSII Reactor this fin can be particularly useful in flatter rockered surfboards – if you are finding it hard to draw the arcs you want on a flatter board, these can really help you tighten up your turning circle. Popular with those who like to do tight, snappy manoeuvres tight in the pocket of the wave, rather than running out onto the
open face to carve big, drawn out arcs.


Side Fins:
Height: 4.50"
Base: 4.37"
Area: 14.89"

Center Fin:
Height: 4.35"
Base: 4.25"
Area: 14.10"