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Signature fin design of freesurfer Dave Rastovich - a medium size Speed Generating Quad set.

The Futures Rasta Bamboo Quad set is the signature fin set of freesurfing style master Dave Rastovich - a medium size Speed Generating Quad. Despite Rasta’s penchant for surfing wide tail, fishy boards & other more left field designs , by all reports this quad set works very well in boards of a more performance nature as well. This fin set is real go-to Quad Setup in store with customers that have boards built with small-to-medium sized surf in mind. This fin set has drive underfoot - really allowing the rider to quickly accelerate & generate speed from take off. The relatively small rear/trailer fins provide a great balance of control & release, allowing for quick, high speed direction changes - giving this quad set a really responsive, performance feel.


Side Fins:
Area 14.72"
Height 4.44"
Base 4.31"
Foil V2

Rear Fins:
Area 11.03"
Height 3.79"
Base 3.78"