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The Lost Large 5-fin, designed by Matt "Mayhem" Biolos, is a large size Balanced quad/thruster combo with a Ride Number of 6.6/6.7 respectively. Designed with high performance surfing in mind these fins incorporate a carbon base that provides stability through turns, while enhancing the spring through the tip. The Quad rears have an 80/20 foil for increased responsiveness, and allow for a smooth transition from performance Thruster to performance Quad.

This thruster set from Lost is a great all-round set to have. A great choice for large/strong surfers in their day to day board, or for lighter surfers riding boards with wider tails. They Deliver a lively combination of drive, hold and manoeuvrability. This versatile fin holds it’s own both out on the face and in steeper parts of the wave. When compared to a standard fin template (eg the F8 template) this fin has a touch more area in the bottom half , while being a little bit more upright (ie less rake) with less area in the top half. This equates to a slightly tighter & snappier turning circle, while still maintaining hold and drive from the area in the bottom half.


Side Fins:
Area: 15.45"
Height: 4.65"
Base: 4.50"
Foil V2

Center Fin:
Area: 15.45"
Height: 4.65"
Base: 4.50"
Foil Symm

Quad Rears:
Area: 11.43"
Height: 4.00"
Base: 3.88"
Foil 80/20