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The F6 Legacy Series 5-FIN is a medium sized fin with a neutral template and balanced feel for all-around performance
NEUTRAL (all-around, balanced)

Futures have significantly simplified the process of selecting fins with their new Legacy Series. 3 templates (Rake, Neutral & Pivot) in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large) with the exact same area and construction.

Switching the fin template while retaining the same fin area allows you to dramatically change both the turning circle and the drive of your board. The area remains constant – allowing you to retain a consistent amount of fin under you feet. All constructed in the honeycomb fibreglass – making the flex relatively constant.

With three sets of fins you can easily fine tune your equipment to a wide variety of conditions. If it’s peaky beachbreaks – chuck in a set of the Pivot template so you can make those tight direction changes. If your local point is pumping – grab a set of the Rake template and enjoy the extra speed, drive and control. Sitting slap bang in the middle of the Pivot & the Rake is the Neutral template – with a great balance of pivot, drive and hold.


MEDIUM (65kg - 88kg)
Ride Number 6.4

Side Fins:
Height 4.56
Base 4.35
Area 15.12

Centre Fin:
Height 4.56
Base 4.35
Area 15.12

Rears Fins:
Height 4.05
Base 3.87
Area 11.67