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An uptight fin template, that is perfect for quick direction changes and performing tight radius turns. The broad base still gives you plenty of drive and extra area in the tip help keep you engaged during radical maneuvers. The PC Carbon range are constructed with ‘Linear Flex’ - strategically placed Carbon fibre panels produce a 3D twist & roll action resulting in a fast, super responsive fin that is smoother through turns. PCC fins suit fast surfing and are favoured by more advanced surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.


Base: 4.22" / 107mm
Depth: 4.45" / 113mm
Area: 14.18"² / 9150mm²
Sweep: 31.9º
Foil: Flat


Base: 4.34" / 110mm
Depth: 4.57" / 116mm
Area: 14.96"² / 9650mm²
Sweep: 31.9º
Foil: Flat


Base: 4.45" / 113mm
Depth: 4.68" / 119mm
Area: 15.73"² / 10150mm²
Sweep: 31.9º
Foil: Flat