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A shape that is generous on the volume but doesn't skimp on performance.  Built to be surfed as an all-rounder for local conditions - this shape has a fuller foil up front with a classic beaked nose for paddle power and glide .  The shape then thins out considerably through the back 3rd into a nice sharp refined tail for bite, responsiveness and maneuverability.

The flyers allow the outline to be straighter in front of them - making this one speedy shape down the line, off the front foot.  The flyers break this straight line and act a pivot points, helping the rider to break line and redirect the board with ease.  The flyers also reduce the area behind them, allowing the tail to pull in - giving you more authority and grip on the wave face.

This board has a fairly smooth mid to low rocker with a single to double concave bottom with vee running out the last 6 inches of the tail.  This bottom contour helps to give you a great balance of speed, lift and maneuverability - making this quite a lively board to surf for it's size.