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Lost Driver 3.0 6'0" x 19.13" x 2.44" (29.59L) Futures

The DRIVER 3.0 Squash is the culmination of the last three years of subtle, consistent fine tuning of the Driver 2.0, with our elite level team riders. Since the launch of the Driver 2.0, in 2019, our team has consistently pushed us to continue evolving, always striving to have an edge, competing against the world’s best surfers. We are motivated by making strides to come out on top. Simply stated, the Driver 3.0 features slightly more tail rocker and a deeper double to single concave, through the rear half, than its predecessor, the Driver 2.0. The deck line in the tail is scooped out, with lower, boxy rails, to follow the bottom curve and slice seamlessly into the water.