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“The SUB DRIVER SWALLOW loves small to moderate surf. It’s stable, with plenty of built in drive, and easy to catch waves and generate speed on. The wide nose and tail make for a stable platform in small waves and at low speeds. Combined with low overall rocker and full rails, the board can be ridden pretty short. The SUB DRIVER SWALLOW not only benefits the Pros, it really is perfect for most of the “Bros” too”. Over the course of 2018, we found repeated team success with a new “Hip Swallow” tail, and are now offering them for 2019. Somewhat radical in its design, its most prominent features being the slightly wider hip and tail block, and noticeable spiral vee behind the rear fin. The full nose provides stability for landing airs. The wide hip, and tail block creates a sort of bite to the wide tail. It works well with hyper extended rail rocker and spiral vee, to allow the SUB DRIVER SWALLOW to be surfed more tightly in the pocket than the traditional squash tail.